Our Bengal Cat Magazine, Bengals Illustrated, is the winner of
The CWA Certificate of Excellence Award,The Muse Medallion,
The Kuykendall Award and Best of the Best, The President’s Award!

Bengals Illustrated has taken these prestigious award year after year! Right up there with the “Big Boys!” Previous winners include Cat Fancy Magazine, CATS/KITTENS USA, TFH Publications and several other notables! Bengals Illustrated is an Award Winning Publication created for the Bengal cat enthusiast.

You are going to love the magazine, it’s the largest and most popular Bengal cat publication in existence! It is professionally presented, bound and full color! If you love Bengal cats, this magazine is for you!

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Bengal Cat Magazine

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Recognized by the United States Library of Congress as a valuable publication and recognized as a United States Center of Publications publication!

We have the most comprehensive information available on the topic of Bengal cats. Search the Listings to Find a Bengal Cat Breeder, view the available Bengal Cat Rescues, Bengal Kittens or see the available Retirees.

Submit photos of your Bengal cats for possible  inclusion in  an   upcoming issue:

  • Email your photos to: [email protected]
  • Include a short blurb about the photo, your cat’s full name  and your name.
  • You must be the sole owner of the photograph submitted.
  • You need not be a subscriber to submit photos
  • Photos must be HIGH resolution.
  • Photos can not be altered. Please send originals

Bengal Cat Rescue’s needs increase each and every day.

We support the efforts of Bengal rescue, and regularly assists Bengal cats in need! If you’re interested in a rescue, let us know, we’d love to connect you with one in your area!

Available Rescues!

A rescue can make a wonderful pet. There may be one available in your area!

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